Welcome to MSF the leader in creative security solutions.
MSF acts in the area of sea and land, specializing in creative solutions to complicated security problems.

MSF  specializes in resolving situations that governments and security bodies are unable to resolve. Such as, vessel abduction, defense against pirates, and extraction of hostages at sea, locating lost or abducted vessels, and protecting special sea and seaside facilities.

We advise in port defense according to SOLAS convention & ISPS code.


MSF  specializes in locating abductees, hostage extraction, protecting essential facilities, providing special personal protection for VIPs, and advising in protecting against abduction of transport vehicles such as trains, buses, and airplanes.

The Group has years of expertise with a proven track record. We work with state of the art technology. Our dedicated team offers clients a highly responsive service that is second to none. Our team members are all experts in their respective fields. We offer a comprehensive range of services in cost effective ways.


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